By Viet Film Fest 2016 (other events)

Friday, April 15 2016 11:00 AM 1:00 PM PDT

Includes: Factory; The Heart's Scar; My Home; Who's Still Alive, Hand Up!; Honoring Life: The Work of Trinh Mai


Duong Nguyen / Vietnam / 2015 / 4 min

A delightful animation that muses on childhood, imagination, and the demands of society.

The Heart’s Scar

Thuy Le Do / Vietnam / 2016 / 35 min  

After heart surgery, 12-year old Tinh sells lottery tickets to support her family in rural South Vietnam. Interspersed with haunting animation sequences, this stunning documentary explores loss, love, and responsibility.

My Home (Chez Moi)

Phuong Mai Nguyen / France/ 2014 / 12 min

The day after Hugo’s mother comes home, he wakes up to find black feathers all over his house.

Who’s Still Alive, Hand Up! (Ai Còn Sống, Giơ Tay Lên!)

Nguyen Hoang Điep / Vietnam/ 2015 / 13 min

In a near-future, humanity finds itself devouring the world and themselves into extinction.

Honoring Life: The Work of Trinh Mai

David Fokos / USA / 2015 / 25 min

Vietnamese American artist Trinh Mai discusses the inspirations behind her expansive body of work that tells stories of heritage, nature, and honoring life.

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